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HI, I'M Diarra!

I’m a business consultant with extensive knowledge in nonprofit development who’s passionate about youth development programming.

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With over a decade of teaching experience in the Performing and Visual arts medium, I have seen firsthand what incredible effect the arts can have on a developing mind. I founded The Bailey Foundation to help children with food insecurity, community development and educational programs so that children and families could live up to their infinite potential.

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“My mission is to uplift, encourage, and empower our communities"
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I’m committed to helping those who want to serve their communities so they can see real change in the lives of the youth and underserved people all across this country. I know firsthand how incredibly difficult it can be to learn the techniques and strategies to produce a successful fundraiser, event, or program. These challenges can hurt a business or nonprofit’s chances of accomplishing its mission. Many struggle with fatigued donors or maintaining mutually beneficial partnerships, as well as having a board that is diverse in knowledge and perspective. I hope to help you avoid them so that you can do the good work you intend.

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If you’re someone who has a goal or a mission but needs help figuring out how to achieve their greatest potential, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I know, together we can accomplish your goal in transforming lives.

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A professional photo of Diarra Jenae


Diarra Warford has worked for years as a business executive helping both performing arts-based companies and community programs fundraise, organize community-focused events, and produce fun education enrichment for students. She has created a foundation along with her colleagues called The Bailey Foundation, which aims to provide children and families with support both through food programs, education, and leadership initiatives.