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How Diarra Warford Is Changing The Way We support Individuals through the power of Faith, Creativity & Leadership!

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Diarra Jenae
Author, Business Consultant, Youth Advocate, Speaker and Nonprofit Developer


Faith, Creativity,& Leadership

In the current climate, it can be hard to navigate how to best serve communities through non-profits and community outreach while aiding in one's spiritual and creative growth. It can feel like there are walls purposely set up to keep do-gooders from succeeding in their mission.
A professional photo of Diarra Jenae

Diarra Warford is an authority in the nonprofit world, with exten sive experience as a business executive and educator in the performing arts, with a thriving foundation of her own called The Bailey Foundation. She’s helped many aspiring entrepreneurs create community programs. She uses her experience as an entrepreneur to help businesses and nonprofits meet and exceed their goals.

Warford has been involved in many community action and development programs that help students and children reach their potential through performing arts and other enriching educational arts-based trips. She has created her own program and helped others create their version serving their communities.

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Warford works as a youth advocate and speaker and is available for speaking engagements and small business conferences. She spreads her knowledge and experience with others so that they may avoid some of the pitfalls that many nonprofits and community programs often fall into.

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Aside from her business savvy, Diarra Warford is a talented author. Her debut novel, Through The Fire, which comes out on July 30th. Through The Fire is a Christian memoir that speaks about how she eliminated the negative untruths, the toxic patterns, and cyclical thoughts that held her back in life. The book chronicles how, through God and trust in his ever-knowing plan, she was able to find calm strength. And how these steadfast beliefs helped her to navigate through struggles and find solutions to all life’s struggles.

“I believe global and generational transformation starts within & ends with people."
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I’m a business consultant with extensive knowledge in nonprofit development who’s passionate about youth development programming. With over a decade of teaching experience in the Performing and Visual arts medium, I have seen firsthand what incredible effect the arts can have on a developing mind. I founded The Bailey Foundation to help children with food insecurity, community development and educational programs so that children and families could live up to their infinite potential.

If you’re someone who has a goal or a mission but needs help figuring out how to achieve their greatest potential, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I know, together we can accomplish your goal in transforming lives.

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How Diarra Warford Can Best Help You Succeed

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Diarra Warford has consulted with many nonprofits, community organizers, and performing arts-based businesses on how best to navigate through the trials and tribulations of community outreach. Her years of experience can help guide you to creating successful fundraisers, finding the right partners, and creating a board that will serve your overall mission.

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Warford is available for speaking engagements both surrounding her business savvy and community outreach experience, and her own personal journey. Her charismatic and inspiring speaking style has made her a go-to for inspirational speaking engagements across the country.

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Her book, Through The Fire, is set to come out on July 20th. It is a Christian memoir about how she turned to God and received guidance and strength on how best to overcome life's challenges and find calm in the chaotic world that surrounded her, both externally and within her spirit.

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“Working with Diarra helped me develop my own nonprofit which focused on getting youth into art programs.”

“She helped me through all the ins and outs of programming details and partnerships. I don’t think I wouldn't be able to navigate all of it on my own and I am forever grateful to her.”

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