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THE Fire

Through The Fire is a Christian Memoir that Diarra Warford wrote about her struggle to break free of the struggles that she faced.

It’s a story about coming through the fire, towards Christ, and seeing that each step in one’s journey is but a gift from God, if only we notice the details. The book reads as a sign to have faith and hope, for what’s beautiful in life will come in due time. She shares her journey of faith towards peace, courage, and finally finding her life’s true purpose.

Diarra Jenae Warford illustrates the journey of faith and perseverance. With experiences of hardships and blessings; each one to give God the glory. Through The Fire will guide, uplift, encourage and strengthen you to get clear instructions on what God says about you and to move unshakably in it. Diarra co-labored with God to create a story that declares the power of faith in order to empower generations all over the world, young and old.

This book will encourage you to:

  • Fight for the promises over your life
  • Develop a sound prayer life
  • Break free from the past traumas, hurt and/or abuse
  • Follow the voice of God
  • Move in confidence according to the Word of God in scripture for your life

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